Brand Reactor was founded smack bang in the middle of the Pandemic – in fact, smack bang in the middle of a lockdown. Seriously, who launches a new business mid-lockdown, mid-pandemic? That would be our founder, Adam Coutts.

The reason? Adam noticed that with the rise of work from home, founders, CEO’s and MD’s in particular discovered they had more time to work on the business, not just in the business. They had time to look at their brands and many were discovering flaws and weaknesses in their brand positioning and brand strategies. In fact, many realised they didn’t have a strategy for nurturing and growing their brands at all.

As a highly regarded Brand Strategist with an acute insight into brand positioning, target audience profiling and customer behaviour, that naturally resulted in an increase in business leaders calling Adam for his counsel and guidance.

And that resulted in Adam deciding to evolve his one man brand consultancy into a full blown branding agency. Brand Reactor.

Adam’s experience comes from building B2B and consumer brands as an ad agency, media agency and cosmetics brand founder, as well as CMO of two global tech and SASS businesses.

You can read more about Adam here and reach out to him using the contact form on this website.